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Virtual Starts at 1:00 PM EDT

Wed. March 19, 2025

Join us live for the first event in the 2025 series, packed to the brim with brainfood and connection. Featuring a renowned keynote speaker, credit union CEO panel discussion, and two industry expert breakouts. You won't want to miss this two-hour virtual session.

Keynote Session

The Neuroscience of Shared Vision

1:00 PM EDT

The creation of a shared vision for credit unions is more than just aligning objectives and targets. It’s about forging an interconnected web of aspirations, beliefs, and motivations that resonate across every stratum of an organization.

Jeff will delve into the intricate processes in our brains that enable such alignment, offering leaders a profound understanding of how organizational vision, leader vision, and employee vision can harmoniously converge, powered by the principles of neuroscience.

Attendees will:

  • Gain insights into the fascinating world of neuroscience
  • Be equipped with a unique and profound understanding of how visions interplay and resonate within their credit union
  • Be empowered to foster environments where the shared vision is not just a conceptual ideal but an organizational reality, driving both individual and collective success



1:50 PM EST

Following the keynote presentation, CUInsight's Randall Smith will host a panel of credit union CEOs to discuss topics and issues relevant to the industry.

Breakout Sessions

2:30 PM EST

After the panel discussion, join one of our concurrent breakouts. These half-hour sessions feature insights from industry experts in a fireside chat format, audience Q&A welcome.

Fri. March 21, 2025 1:00 pm EDT

Tactical Takeaway
Follow-Up Workshop

Tactical Takeaway sessions are an extra session two days after a CUInsight Mini-Con event. These thirty-minute workshops are designed to provide practical tips and tools for people leaders.

Registrants will receive their invitation to this session after attending the live CUInsight Mini-Con event.